Rocky Mountain National Park 2003

Rocky Mountain National Park, October 2003

Saturday, October 18

Keith picked Mary up at the Denver airport and went to meet Doug Van Cleef and Bob Jump at the Dam Store near Loveland. Then the four of us drove to Devil’s Gulch and hiked to Gem Lake.

This was a very easy hike for those of us who had not just come from sea level.

Keith, Doug, Bob Keith, Doug, and Bob pause to let Mary catch her breath and take a photo on the way to Gem Lake
Gem Lake Gem Lake

Sunday, October 19

We (Keith & Mary) were on our own again. Sunday morning we drove up the Old Fall River Road and down Trail Ridge Road, making a number of stops along the way. In the afternoon we hiked to several lakes, starting with Bear Lake.

Near Alpine Visitors Center Near the Alpine Visitor’s Center
Tundra Tundra
Top of World Top of the world
Bear Lake Bear Lake
Nymph Lake Nymph Lake
Dream Lake Dream Lake
Dream Lake, sun Dream Lake in the sun (Mary liked this view)

No photos of Emerald Lake were worth sharing.

Trail View A nice view along the trail
Long's Peak View of Long’s Peak
Lake Haiyaha Lake Haiyaha
Old tree Old tree at Lake Haiyaha

Tuesday, October 20

Our big hike of this trip was the hike to Chasm Lake. The trail began in the forest at 9405 ft and ended in the tundra and rocks near 12,000 ft, with Long’s Peak another 2000+ ft overhead. We loved it. Keith still (sorta) wants to climb Long’s Peak one day.

Icy Lakes On the way to Chasm Lake
Signpost Signpost
Long's Peak View of Long’s Peak
Climbing to Chasm Lake Taking the difficult route to Chasm Lake. (There is an easier way.) Mary finally got to try rock-climbing.
Chasm Lake Chasm Lake
Chasm Lake 2 Chasm Lake again
Chasm Lake 3 And a third time
Chasm & Longs Chasm Lake with Long’s Peak overhead