I created this page to provide source code for soft­ware appli­ca­tions and com­po­nents that might be inter­est­ing and/or use­ful. There are still only a few offer­ings. Click on one of the items in the navi­ga­tion bar above to see what is cur­rently available.

If you’re interested in the un­cer­tainty-​propa­ga­tion li­brary (C++) that was dis­cussed at the RRMC in Jackson Hole in 2003, click on Uncer­tainty propa­ga­tion. If n-​dimen­sional ge­om­etry inter­ests you, check out the Screen saver.

The latest work has been on GumCalc (name still sub­ject to change), which is a Win­dows appli­ca­tion for model­ing meas­ure­ments — es­pe­cially radio­chemi­cal meas­ure­ments. It allows the user to de­fine a model and use it to cal­cu­late the re­sults of meas­ure­ments. The pro­gram auto­mati­cally propa­gates un­cer­tainty using a strategy like that of the un­cer­tainty-propa­ga­tion li­brary. It also propa­gates the di­men­sions of quan­tities and makes unit con­ver­sions easy.