Fourth child from left; standing on bench Georgia (age 28) with sons “JL” and “Dodge” Georgia and Leonard McCroan Georgia and daughter Pat Georgia at Pat’s Prom Georgia at age 68 Georgia with great-granddaughter Mothers Day 2007 Georgia@97 with Jimmy

Georgia Belle McCroan (3 Jun 1910 – 23 Aug 2009)

McCroan Family Reunion

The last McCroan family reunion was held April 29, 2017, at Sneads Park in Sneads, Florida. The next reunion has not been planned.
Sallie Davis McCroan, Fannie Davis McCroan, and children
Sallie Fannie Leonard Mattie Lee Eva Harvey Troy Boykin Perry Allie Mae Mamie Freddy
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2399 Legion Road, Sneads, FL


PDF Charts and Outlines

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pdf.pngDescendants of John McCroan pdf.pngDescendants of Seaborn Thigpen
pdf.pngDescendants of John Ayers pdf.pngDescendants of Barney Laster
pdf.pngPedigree Tree of Leonard McCroan


Carroll Kinnon McCroan inter­viewed Fannie Davis McCroan (1882 — 1969) some­time about 1968 and recorded the con­versa­tion on tape. About 2005 or 2006, Ken McCroan, Jr., con­verted the taped con­ver­sa­tion to MP3 format. (This is a rather large file; so, be patient.)

Fannie’s Southern accent comes from south­west Georgia. Carroll’s comes from the pan­handle of Florida.

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Later this page may have more informa­tion on the follow­ing families:

The informa­tion will include PDF files, like those above, and scanned images of things that seem interest­ing, such as Barney Laster’s family Bible or the Con­federate military records of Barney Laster and Joseph E. Morris.* Even­tually there may be a search­able data­base, but don’t hold your breath.

Bertha Prosser Joiner

I met Bertha Prosser Joiner (née Bertha Iola Prosser) about 1977 or 78, not many years before she died. She was my maternal grand­mother’s first cousin and a grand­daughter of Barney Laster. (She told us that she re­mem­bered sit­ting on Barney’s lap as a small child and play­ing with his snuff box.) Later my mom showed me an old photo album with a faded pic­ture of a pretty young woman that my grand­mother said was Bertha. Apparently she had been con­sidered quite a beauty, which I as a teen­ager could not have guessed from the wrinkled face of the octo­genar­ian woman I met. For years we wanted to hire some­one to en­hance the photo but we didn’t know whom we could trust. Even­tually the tech­nology advanced enough that we could do it our­selves. My mom recently gave me the photo album, and in March 2014 I finally got around to scan­ning and en­hanc­ing the photo. Click the thumb­nails below to see the full-size images, which are roughly 800 px × 1000 px.

Bertha Iola Prosser [Joiner] (original) Bertha Iola Prosser [Joiner] (enhanced) Bertha Iola Prosser [Joiner] (enhanced sepia)


  1. Keith first became inter­ested in geneal­ogy while he was still in high school in 1977 (before the mini­series Roots), when he got pos­ses­sion of Barney’s family Bible. For a few years after that, he had time to spend research­ing the family history, but even­tually other duties began to inter­fere. So, the infor­ma­tion hasn’t been up-​to-​date for a number of years now.
  2. We deliberately omit data about the most recent gen­era­tions, because we think it may be a bad idea to pub­lish too much infor­ma­tion about people on the web — even some­thing as seem­ingly innoc­u­ous as a person’s mother’s maiden name. Also, some people feel that it in­fringes on their privacy.
 *  Barney Laster and Joseph E. Morris were Keith’s great-​great-​grand­fathers. It is said that Henry J.J. McCroan and Amos Thigpen (also G-G grand­fathers) were Con­fed­er­ate veter­ans, but Keith has no records to prove it.