Zion National Park 2001

May 2001

Angel’s Landing Angel’s Landing—Zoom in to see the hikers on the trail
Mary Mary at the top of Angel’s Landing
Keith Keith (almost) at the top of Angel’s Landing—Mary wanted to see the valley in the picture. She kept saying, Back up…farther…a little farther. And Keith kept backing farther down the slope toward a 1500-foot drop-off.
Zion View of the valley
zion_angel1.jpg Angel’s Landing from below
zion_angel2.jpg Angel’s Landing from above
zion_angel3.jpg Another view

In case you haven’t guessed, we liked Angel’s Landing. We consider it one of our all-time favorite short hikes (4-mile round trip). It is steep in places but not really difficult, high enough for a good view (1500 ft above the valley), with steep drop-offs to make it more interesting, but safer than it looks.

We stayed at Flanigan’s Inn and loved it. The steps to our second-floor room were a little difficult after we hiked Angel’s Landing, but we persevered. We want to go back to Zion one day, and when we do, we plan to stay at Flanigan’s Inn again.