Zion National Park

Zion National Park, May 2001

Angel’s Landing Angel’s Landing — Zoom in to see the hikers on the trail
Mary Mary at the top of Angel’s Landing
Keith Keith (almost) at the top of Angel’s Landing — Mary wanted to see the valley in the picture. She kept say­ing, Back up…​farther…​a little farther. And Keith kept back­ing farther down the slope toward a 1500-foot drop-off.
Zion View of the valley
zion_angel1.jpg Angel’s Landing from below
zion_angel2.jpg Angel’s Landing from above
zion_angel3.jpg Another view

In case you haven’t guessed, we liked Angel’s Landing. We con­sider it one of our all-​time favorite short hikes (4-mile round trip). It is steep in places but not really dif­fi­cult, high enough for a good view (1500 ft above the valley), with steep drop-​offs to make it more inter­est­ing, but safer than it looks.

We stayed at Flanigan’s Inn and loved it. The steps to our second-​floor room were a little dif­fi­cult after we hiked Angel’s Land­ing, but we per­severed. We want to go back to Zion one day, and when we do, we plan to stay at Flanigan’s Inn again.